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We can all agree that navigating through life can often times be an uphill battle. However, as believers, we know where our hope and salvation comes from. Although life brings unexpected hurts and disappointments, we have been equipped as heirs of God’s kingdom to not only fight the enemy of our souls but to ultimately defeat him.
In Freedom Ministries, we define freedom as the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed us to be.
Core lies, soul wounds, demonic oppression, and life patterns are all obstacles that can stand in the way of the life Jesus has made available to every believer. We believe you can overcome these obstacles and so much more in a Freedom Session.

What Is A Freedom Session?

These sessions are personal, confidential, individualized times of ministry between you and God, facilitated by 2-3 of our trained and experienced Freedom Ministry Team members. We believe you will leave equipped to walk in the truth, freedom, and victory intended by God and grow in the freedom Christ has not only provided, but desires for you to experience.

Want To Sign Up For A Freedom Session?

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Please email the completed form to Pastor Amy Everett at [email protected] or turn it in at the Welcome Center at any of our services. For more information, call 409-892-8475 ext. 2226.

Additional Ways to Prepare for Your Freedom Session

Watch this powerful and important message on Forgiveness and how it will impact your freedom Journey.
Video on Forgiveness
For more information on the history and vision of Freedom Ministries, watch our interview with Not in My City Unite and Pastor Charmaine James.
NIMC Unite Episode 15

Testimonies From Freedom Sessions

"During my recent Forgiveness Freedom Session, Father God brought so much revelation and freedom to my body, my thoughts, and my soul. The voice of my spirit was once again able to pierce through the white noise of anxiety, anger, and all the chaos brought on by current events, to tell me truths from Heaven and help reset my vision to see eternally."

"In my session I was blessed with a deeper walk with my Father. They (Freedom Team Member) helped me heal deep wounds that were in my heart that had been covered for a long time by guiding me through an intimate walk with Holy Spirit.... My mother was a root of some very hurtful things that poured over into my life and brought about guilt, shame, anxiety, and things that I could never see if they had not taken the time to care enough about me to walk me through the garden with our Father."

For More Info Contact:

Pastor Amy Everett, LMSW

Pastor of Freedom Ministries and One City Cares