As you connect to a body of believers, you will be able to discover and live out your purpose. We want to make sure you get connected here at One City Church. Here are a few ways to do that.

Meet the Pastors

Held quarterly, Meet the Pastors is our way of sharing a cup of coffee and meeting you and your family.
PLEASE NOTE: Our in-person Meet the Pastors receptions is currently paused due to COVID-19, but we hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person soon!

Become a Member

At One City Church, we value membership. One City is more than a platform for preaching and furthering the Gospel - we're a community of believers.
Our in-person Membership class is currently paused due to COVID-19. However, you can take classes from the comfort of your home through Zoom. Even through Zoom you will meet others that are joining One City Church and begin to create relationships and learn what it means to be a member of One City Church. Registration for our next class will begin soon!

Join a City Group

We were made to live in community with others, and one way to find that at One City Church is to get in a City Group! No matter where you are in life or in your faith walk, we want you to be in a community with people who encourage you, help you grow, and have fun!

Ready to join a City Group?


We believe part of living your most fulfilled life includes serving in a local church. God designed you with unique gifts, passions, and talents, and we want to help you find a place to use them!
There are many opportunities to serve at One City Church! From greeting and hospitality to media, worship and One City Kids, there is a place for you!
To volunteer, your first step is to attend Membership class, where you'll discover your part in God's story and find opportunities to grow here.

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