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Every week we get to tell the greatest story ever told! We have the commission to tell that story with excellence. We have a team of creatives who are passionate about using modern tools and equipment to communicate the beauty and majesty of Jesus.

Lights, Camera, & Sound

Our team is the first in and last out and serve with a passion to create a meaningful worship experience for every member, attendee, and guest. Not only do we serve those inside our Sanctuary building with lights, cameras, and sound, but also those around the globe with our live-streaming ministry. These volunteers are critical to taking the gospel message and sending it around the world!

Graphics & Social Media

As some would say, “we are navigating the biggest communication shift in 500 years!” and our team is responding to the call by releasing meaningful content through social media. We’re always looking for others to join that team and be part of spreading the good news of Jesus throughout all the digital world.

Are You Passionate About Creativity?