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The vision and purpose behind the Worship Ministry at One City is to create an environment where people experience the manifest presence of God leading them to fall more in love with Jesus and develop a life of devotional worship to Him. We want to show God’s people that worship is the appropriate response to seeing Him as He is, because He truly is worthy. When we worship together, on Sundays or throughout the week, we have an opportunity to create a dynamic of adoration and praise that can shift atmospheres and facilitate individual and regional transformation.

The Worship Band

The worship band consists of the rhythm and melodic section of the instrumentalists and front line vocalists. This core team is comprised of musicians and vocalists who have a heart to provide the foundational sound that leads the church into worship. Lead by the worship leader(s), the songs, melodies, and music that come forward lead the congregation into the Father’s heart.

The Worship Vocalists

Our vocal team consists of men, women, and youth that have a heart to glorify God through rehearsed and spontaneous song. These hearts and voices combine to generate a beautiful example of what it means to worship together as a community in harmony. Led by their director, Sara Vacek, the vocalists will often sing spontaneous songs of praise that move the Heart of God.

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